2013 Programme

Date                          Day                    Walk / Event                     Length (mls)      Leader
Dec 31- Jan 2nd      Mon - Wed        Keswick New year                                                 LR
January      2nd       Wednesday       Walk at Whitley Chapel                   8                    TE
                 15th     Tuesday            Litterpick at Swalwell                                            BS
                 20th     Sunday             Walk at Ovingham                           8                    SL 
February     2nd       Saturday           Litterpick on Keelman's way                                   BS
                 10th      Sunday             Walk at Monkseaton                       8                LR/MW
                 24th      Sunday             Witton Castle Walk                        7                    DD
                 27th      Wednesday       Meal at Lau's buffet house                                BH/DC
March         10th      Sunday             Walk at Bolam                               11                   SL
                 24th      Sunday             Coach trip walk, Barnard Castle         7                   TE
April             7th      Sunday            Walk, Plenmeller                            10                   NR
                  21st     Sunday             Walk, Morpeth                                8                    DS
May            10th      Friday               Meal at Kingdom restaurant                                  LR  
                 12th      Sunday             Coach trip walk, Upper Teesdale      10                   PW
                  26th     Sunday             Alwinton walk                                 8                    TE
June             9th     Sunday              Elsdon walk                                   8                   PW
                  30th     Sunday             Simonburn walk                             10                   SL
                  30th     "       "              BBQ @ Ken's                                                      KT
July             14th     Sunday             Dipton Mill walk                              9                   DS
                  28th     Sunday             Rookhope walk                               8                   DD
August         11th    Sunday              Belford walk                                  8                    LR
                   25th    Sunday              Alston - Garrigill walk                     8                  PW
                   27th    Tuesday             JB's birthday meal
September      8th    Sunday              Simonside walk at Rothbury            9                    JF
                   22nd   Sunday               Edlingham walk                             9                   TE
October          6th    Sunday              Alston - Kirkhaugh railway walk        7                  PW
                   20th    Sunday              Coach trip walk, Kirkoswald             9                   TE
                   30th    Wednesday        Meal at Al Baik                                               SL/BH
November       3rd    Sunday              Corbridge walk                               8                M&IC
                   17th    Sunday              Causey Arch walk                           9                   SR
December       1st    Sunday               Riding Mill walk & xmas meal          8               TE/SL
                   15th    Sunday                Durham                                   N/A                    TE

1) Walk / event details are circulated by email to the group a few weeks beforehand.