Date                       Day              Walk / Event Location          (Length, mls)         Leader

January     2nd      Monday         Wylam, walk & meal                     7                         SL
              15th      Sunday          Matfen walk                                       9                        TE
              29th      Sunday          Riding Mill to Corbridge using train  7                        PW
February  12th       Sunday          Lanchester walk                          11                       TE
              24-26th  Fri-Sun         Berwick weekend + walks                                        AS
              26th      Sunday          Ingram / Breamish Valley walk       10                       JB
March      10th      Saturday        Edinburgh day trip                                                  AS
              11th      Sunday          Fontburn Reservoir walk                 7                       I+L
              25th      Sunday          Walk at Beamish                            10                      SL
             30th-1st  Fri-Sun        Patterdale hostel w/e + walks                                  TE
April         8th      Sunday          Walk, Haydon Br. to Hexham         10                       PW
              15th      Sunday          Blanchland walk                              10                       JB
May           6th      Sunday          Coach walk, Richmond to Reeth     10                      JB
               20th      Sunday         Heddon walk                                     6                        KT
June         2-4th     Sat-Mon      Cragside bothy w/e + walks                                     WR
                10th     Sunday         Upper Teesdale walk                     8                       PW
                24th     Sunday         East Allendale walk                        9                       TE
July            8th     Sunday          Barrasford walk                             9                        JB
                22nd    Sunday          Walk, Walltown to Housesteads     9                        JF
                22nd    Sunday          Visit to Durham Brass Fest. & Crook Hall                  AS
                29th     Sunday          Visit to Gateshead Flower Show                              SR
August       18th     Saturday       Metro curry at South Shields                                   BH
                 26th    Sunday         Walk at College Valley                   9                    DD / JB
September    9th    Sunday         Harbottle walk                              9                      TE
                  23rd   Sunday         Sinderhope walk                            8                     PW
                  23rd   Sunday         Visit to Alnwick Food & Real Ale Fest. & Gardens      AS
October        7th    Sunday         Walk, Wooler                               8                      DC
                  21st   Sunday         Walk, West Woodburn                   8                      PW
November     4th    Sunday         Walk at Thrunton Woods                8                CW / DL
                   4th    Sunday         Stroll, Tynemouth to Whitley Bay & fireworks           AS
                  11th   Sunday         An evening @ Ken & Liz's                                      KT
                  18th   Sunday         Colwell Walk                                       8                 SL / TE
                  27th   Tuesday        AGM @ The Bridge, 7.30pm                                   SL
December      2nd   Sunday         Derwent Valley walk                       8                    LR
                  20th   Thursday       Xmas meal                                                              AS
                  26th   Wednesday    Newburn walk                                 5                     SL
2012 Programme