Date                                      Walk Location                (Length, mls)                 Leader

January       9th                  Ovingham                             (8)                                TE
                    23rd                 Fatfield                                (8)                                 BR
 February     12th                 Litterpick, Keelman's Way                                      BS
                     20th                 Blanchland                            (8)                                JB
 March         13th                 Stamfordham                         (9)                                TE
                  26 - 27th          Bellingham overnighter
                                         Walks: Greenhaugh               (7)                                 BR
                                                    Wark                             (9)                                 TE
 April           10th                Norham - Berwick                   (9)                                 SL
                                           coach trip walk
                   23rd               Tynemouth Stroll & Meal                                              AS
                   24th               Wooler Common, Cheviots      (9)                                JB
 May              1st                Bardon Mill                            (8)                                PW
                   15th               Durham                                    (6)                                KT
 June              5th              West Woodburn                      (9)                                TE
                   26th               Blanchland                               (8)                                PW
 July             1 - 3rd            Grinton Lodge weekend
                                         Walks: Marrick                      (10)                               TE
                                                    Langthwaite                 (6)                                TE
 August         14th              Wannee Line, Scots Gap         (9)                                I&L
                     21st              High Cup Nick, coach trip         (8)                                PW
 September    4th               Whittonstall                           (9)                                TE
                    17 - 18th        Alnwick overnighter
                                          & cycling weekend                                                    BS / SL
                     25th              Fast Castle coach trip walk       (8)                                 BR
 October         9th              Wall                                           (9)                                 TE
                      30th              Craster                                     (8)                                 JF
 November    20th              Ingram Valley                         (9)                                 JB
                      27th              St John's Chapel                     (9)                                 PW
 December     3rd              Visit to Crook Hall + meal                                            AS
                      6th               AGM, The Bridge Hotel, 7.30pm
                    14th             Meal                                                                                DP
                    11th             Rothbury walk                         (10)                                 DL
                     27th            Meal & Stroll                                                                  AS
2011 Programme